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Friday, September 6, 2013

Cheap Splurges

So, It's been forever since my last post.  I did not give up, I have simply been so busy enjoying life this summer and enjoying the time I've been back home. I just haven't felt the need to blog. I think that for me, this blog is for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of others. It's good to have a schedule if you plan to blog to make a profit, but this is just something I enjoy so I don't want to put restrictions on it. Hopefully in the process some people will follow me or check out my blog and get awesome money saving tips! (Okay, rant over).

See me at Newport, just soaking up the rays?

Hopefully this post will ignite an interest in you so you can take my ideas and customize them into your own to help you save money, be more proactive about finding local deals, and just getting out in your community and finding what interests you.

This summer's highlights have been....

                 Enjoying in my favorite city Portland!

I went...

1. Coffee tasting at Portland Roasting with my mommy

We are super attractive in our hair nets! 
Broke Girl Tip: Look for free events in your area, like Open Houses or Grand Openings of small or local businesses. Portland Roasting is having an open house on September 20th where you are free to check out their new tasting room! It doesn't hurt to try something new, especially if it's free. Businesses love the extra attention during a start up, and you may end up really liking their product.

Here's the link to Portland Roasting so you can check up on the upcoming Open House:


2. Got Voodoo Doughnuts (oh yes, the good stuff)

Not my picture. (I ate mine too fast to snap a shot) Belongs to:

Broke Girl Tip:  Don't be so stingy with money while visiting a new place. Novelties like these famous doughnuts might cost more than store bought, but how often do you really buy doughnuts anyways? How often are your going to come across a Maple Bacon bar, or a Mexican Hot Chocolate doughnut? Chances are only if you live in Portland. So I say go a head and get a novelty item or two, just don't go over board and enjoy that one delicious doughnut, because a healthy person like you doesn't give in hardly ever to food like that. In the long run you'll be happy you checked out a place you can't find anywhere else.

To find locations of Voodoo:

3. Got my hair cut at Aveda Institute (yay for student discounts!)

Broke Girl Tip:  Beauty schools are a great way to feel posh at a low price, but don't go to one if you are looking for a drastic change, go to a professional. You have to remember that these stylists are still students learning their trade, it may take longer than a normal hair salon visit because they really want to get it right. Don't be afraid to speak up and tell the stylist exactly what you want and don't want, and be sure to also tell this to their instructor who will check up on the appointment as it's going on. Also you don't have to buy the expensive products they might "push" onto you, it's part of their training to know products. I had a great experience, and love my hair cut because I got something simple and manageable. If you are a student remember your ID, you get a discount at Aveda!

Here is a link to Aveda's website:

4.  I perused the isles of Powell's. (Can anyone say Amen for discounted books?) Plus, anyone looks cool in a book store, that's a known fact. And I found a really great author.

Broke Girl Tip: Go to a used bookstore in your community to find great deals on books and boredom busters. Most places have reading nooks where you can literally just get a book and start reading it without buying it first. It's like going on a date with a book, if you like it you buy it dinner and take it home.

The funny thing is that I did not actually get this book. I got "Me Talk Pretty One Day" by Sedaris. I'd love to read this one next.

Spent time with Grandma:

 (She helped me with making my own curtains) and getting fresh vegetables from her garden to make layered ratatouille was a big plus for grandma-granddaughter bonding time.

Broke Girl Tip:  Growing your own vegetables is the cheapest and most healthy way to get your greens in. If you don't have your own garden perhaps plant a windowsill herb garden (herbs seeds are way less expensive than buying new jars each time), or go out and do U-pick on seasonal fruit and vegetables. It's also good to use the savvy saving tips family members can provide. Spending time with a relative could open your eyes to new ways they have learned to save over the years.

Went shopping with my Cousin:

        We went to H&M and American Eagle where I got some much needed clothes.
They had a Labor Day sale with finds from $5. A lot of people might not think American Eagle is a good place to save money, but their jeans always fit me right and last! I'd rather spend $26.90 (what I paid for some really stellar jeans) than $15 some other place and have saggy bottom jeans in a week (sigh). A&E also just had a great 40% off sale, and if they don't have your size in store, they have next day shipping of your size (can you say convenient?). All jeans are currently under $30.

H&M's website:

American Eagle:  

Caught up with my friend from high school:

        We donated food to the animal shelter and pet the cute kitties. Then we got dollar tacos in downtown Hillsboro! I find that volunteering for Animals shelters or just getting that much needed pet therapy is a great way to catch up with friends. You can donate food, treats (usually only a couple of bucks), or your time (ask if they need help filling up water and food dishes). I love feeling good and giving back while hanging out with someone.

To find local animal shelters in Oregon check out this resource: 


Have a great rest of the summer (Mine goes until the 30th, when school starts) and remember these money saving tips no matter the time of the year.

- Check for local free or discounted Open Houses or Grand Openings.

- "Splurge" on inexpensive novelty items, but stick to your budget and give yourself a spending limit before checking out trendy places.

- Go to a beauty school that has a student discount or great low prices if you want a simple trim or cut.

-  Peruse a local bookstore or library and don't feel obligated to buy anything. Make a day of it and just relax and sip down a coffee or tea while reading a book.

- Spend time with relatives and learn how they grow or make things. My grandma is famous for her homemade jam, she gets all her fruit straight from her trees!

- Go to an animal shelter for a day with a friend and give the animals some attention. It's fun because the both of you can talk about how different and adorable all the animals are!

Some other resources to save money:

Portland Perks (A great resource for local deals)

-  For student discounts:

Thanks for sticking though this post! Hope you liked it and got some great ideas on saving.

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