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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DIY Room Goals

Any college living is a change. You have to pack up your belongings and downsize what you love most to fit into your small dorm or apartment. Often the main way college students choose to decorate is posters. This is because they are cheap, can be removed easily, and come in any and everything you could have an interest in. I've never really been a big fan of posters, ( I only have one in my room) but I can see why they are a great way to decorate. Basically I have a lot of empty space in my room (on my walls) from lack of posters, and other normal college decor.
As an avid pinner, I saw some really cool ways to spice up your walls. Basically you need to get some canvas boards, paint, trace paper, and mod podge. Here is an example of what I am talking about: 
You can really personalize this anyway you want. I am thinking of doing a bit of everything I like, and trying to add some color to my scene

The next DIY goal I have is to make real curtains out of a shower curtain I found at the Goodwill. Right now it's hanging up on my wall with tacks, and it covers my Friends poster.
As you can see there is a theme, black and white. Ugh...drab. I love the classy look, but I need some color in my life! I love the Goodwill for so many reasons, I mean as a young teen I scoffed at the idea of buying old clothes, but now I'm at the Goodwill all the time. Maybe Mackelmore made the Goodwill cool again, but as a broke college student I go there because it's awesome, not because it's a fad. If I'm cool because I shop there all the better!  Some of my best stuff is from there! (Maybe I'll make a post about Goodwill shopping?) Anyways, I got this lovely showercurtain, as well as this lamp and lamp shade from there.
Thank you for reading! And if you have any DIY tips, and ways to add color into your life please share! I'd love to hear how you changed your place from drab to posh on a tight budget.  

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